Phone upgrades

Phone upgrades – how often should you be doing it?


Since the advent of smartphones, most manufacturers do not wait long to launch new models of their popular phones. In fact, sometimes they don’t even wait for the length of a two-year contract to be over before their new model comes out.


That said, this means as consumers, we are always looking to upgrade our phones as quickly as possible, in case we miss out on something. It’s just human nature really.

The thing is, the latest version of each phone, although released every year, really changes very little internally. Sure, cosmetically there might be changes, a bigger screen here, a millimetre thinner there, but in truth, they really don’t change that much. In fact, many people are suggesting that upgrades only need to be done once every 3 to 4 years, especially if you are not ‘heavy’ on your phone and take good care of it.

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at the ins and outs of upgrading your phone.

So when should I upgrade

Well, there is no hard and fast rule here. Should you be a bit of a slave to your brand, you might want to try to schedule upgrades around the time new phones are released. This is far easier to do if you are on a 12-month contract and not so easy to achieve if you are on a 24-month contract. Let’s not even talk about a 36-month contract then…

We know that Apple loves to release their phones in September, Samsung in around March while other providers do stick to a schedule as well. So if that is your main motivation to upgrade, then bear in mind these dates.


Other reasons to upgrade

If you are not so much of a ‘fanboy/girl’ of the prominent brands such as Apple or Samsung, then you might have another reason that you want to or possibly need to upgrade your mobile phone. This could include:

  • You have an old phone

You might be someone who likes to keep their phone for as long as possible, not caring that it isn’t the latest or greatest model available. However, there comes a time when even your old phone is simply not good enough. If the phone is very old, the chances are that the manufacturer won’t even release software upgrades for it. Maybe it is not even a phone that is able to connect to the internet or access email and you suddenly need one that can for work purposes. Even that old Nokia that has served you well and that you still play ‘snake’ on eventually will need to be replaced!

  • You broke or lost your phone

Modern smartphones are intricate pieces of technology. If they are not protected in a cover, the chances are very high that they will break if you drop them, especially their screens. Sometimes, it really is better to get a new phone than to pay to have one repaired – it can actually cost more, especially if it is very labour intensive.


  • Your battery is not holding charge, or your camera is too old

Constant charging and running down of a battery is the best way to keep it in good shape. Unfortunately, we often charge our phones overnight and leave them plugged in. Although the battery does stop charging, there is still a trickle charge entering it and this can severely affect battery life. Or maybe you need your phone to take crystal clear pictures. Cameras are another area of phone technology that is advancing at an incredible rate.

At the end of the day, you will know when you should be upgrading your phone. A word of advice, however. Stick to a phone that is affordable and within your budget. A contract phone that puts you over the edge financially is not really worth it in the long run.