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Aurora New Developments – Wellbeing Centre in Bassetlaw

Aurora was an innovation successfully set up in the South Yorkshire region some 10 years ago serving the populations of Doncaster and Mexborough.  Building on this success we are now looking to develop a new and exciting furtherproject, which is about setting up an Aurora wellbeing centre in an adjoining different locality in North Nottinghamshire, which will see us embrace an additional population of 110,000 people.


Our research and involvement with local groups and organisations has identified the need for Aurora within the Bassetlaw community and we are keen to expand the services and facilities to this new locality. We have successfully acquired a long term lease of a minimum of 25years on the Old Community Library building at peppercorn rent, which is in a central location and has excellent potential to develop the service in a relaxed community environment. We will work in partnership with hospital services to offer a community based service that is easily accessible. We will offer a range of treatments and support for both men and women including advice, improving confidence, wellbeing, raising self-esteem, various work-shops including cancer related fatigue workshops, personal support, money matters, pampering, beauty and holistic therapy and Headstrong which offers hair pieces and practical skills and care for hair and scalp to make the experience of living with cancer more personable.


This exciting new project has two key elements:

• Developing the premises

• Development of the wellbeing service

We undertake a variety of fundraising activities to support the work we do, as we see fundraising as an on-going essential to maximise the facilities potential and offer a variety of different things for local people. We will continue to maximise the facilities potential in a planned way. We have development plans prepared and underway to offer: charity shop, tea rooms, therapy rooms and light gym facilities.