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Joe Whitaker has successfully completed his West Highland Way Double, and has been recognised and published in Cyclist No.1.

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Worksop Centre

Keeping you up to date with our progress at the Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Memorial Avenue, Worksop...
Valerie's Tea Room
The new Art Deco coffee counter has been fitted and gives our tea room a completely new feel! Drop in for a tea or coffee, with other refreshments and homemade food available from 14th February, when we are holding our grand opening from 2pm - 7pm. Open daily after.


Gentle Gyms
We aim to open our gym room for Aurora patients past and present by Monday 4th February. Refurbishment is currently underway. With dedicated gym staff, you will be able to participate in various classes, such as gentle yoga. The aim is to build confidence whilst exercising in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
Charity Shop
The charity shop sells good quality clothing, books and bric-a-brac at reasonable prices. Stock is always needed, thus we appreciate your donations that we can sell for profit for Aurora.
Counselling and Mindfulness
By April, we hope to be up and running with our innovative Mindfulness 6-week programme in our 'soft room', which teaches about breaking habits and ruminations and learning to live in the here and now. We believe mindful living has a positive effect on cancer outcomes, and that anyone can benefit.
We are excited about our new ventures and will keep you updated!